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Ms. Judah is a graduate student at UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. An architect for over 20 years, she was most recently a Principal and Director of Sustainability at FXCollaborative architects in New York. Ms. Judah has served on several task forces to address climate mitigation and adaptation in buildings. An industry leader, she has taught at Cornell, Columbia, NYU, and University of Pennsylvania. Her research involves developing an integrated building adaptation and mitigation assessment (IBAMA) framework to help policymakers and building professionals identify solutions that simultaneously address climate change adaptation and mitigation for multifamily buildings and their neighborhoods.

Carlos Molina Hutt, Assistant Prof., Structural and Earthquake Engineering, UBC

Dr. Carlos Molina Hutt is an Assistant Professor of Structural and Earthquake Engineering in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The work of his research group at UBC focuses on the development of methodological approaches to assess seismic risk in buildings and its implications on urban resilience, and on the translation of this knowledge into tools and information for use by practicing engineers, seismic planners, and policymakers.

Dale Mikkelsen, VP, Development, SFU Community Trust

Dale is the VP, Development for the UniverCity Project at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby Mountain campus. The UniverCity community is being developed around “Four Cornerstones of Sustainability”, including Environment, Equity, Education, and Economy. Mikkelsen and the Trust’s team are making significant and innovative contributions toward the demonstration of innovative and incremental standards that result in a highly livable and low carbon community. Mikkelsen is charged with raising the bar of sustainable community planning to ensure UniverCity remains on the leading edge of energy efficiency, material conservation, healthy environments and community building.

Tamsin Lyle, Principal Engineer, Ebbwater Consulting

Tasmin Lyle is the Principal and founding engineer of Ebbwater Consulting and a well-known thought leader on flood management having invested her academic and professional careers in the exploration of various aspects of this field. She is an advocate for risk-based disaster planning and is particularly interested in reducing the vulnerability and susceptibility of our built environment to flood waters.

Matt Strand, Development, QUADReal

Matt Strand is supporting the development of QUADReal’s climate change adaptation strategy. Current work includes developing a framework to incorporate climate change impacts on property acquisition and divestment, and the development of a model to assist property teams in deciding upon building modifications through the lens of climate change impacts.

George Benson- Moderator

George Benson is the Sector Manager for the Built Environment at the Vancouver Economic Commission. An urban planner by training, he brings together a knowledge of business, urban policymaking, and sustainability to work with local and global businesses to help decarbonize and make Vancouver’s economy more resilient.

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